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The International Suicide Prevention Wiki (ISP Wiki) is a worldwide directory of suicide prevention hotlines, online chat, text-lines, and resources. The ISP Wiki is open source to be used by any individual or organization. This directory was created for the PostSecret App and may be used freely in other apps to instantly connect people in need to crisis centers near them.

Special thanks to the Founding Sponsors of the ISP Wiki and to the PostSecret Community, who assembled, edited, and continually update this database.

-- Frank Warren, Founder, PostSecret

About the International Suicide Prevention Wiki

With your help, we can continue to keep this wiki the most current and comprehensive international directory of suicide prevention hotlines and “text-lines” in the world. This wiki is community-sourced; you are invited to update it by adding new resources, organizing them by location, and maintaining 100% accuracy.

Thank you for your support and dedication!

  • discussion page Talk:Virginia
    new comment by A Fandom user 16 hours ago
    Comment: I have been traumatized by a client in the same manner that the CSB where I live did to me. I am on my death
  • discussion page Talk:California
    new comment by TheV1ct0ri0u5
    Comment: Hey there! While I certainly cannot say that I understand exactly what you are going through, I can draw some personal relation to your experiences....
  • edit India
    edited by TheV1ct0ri0u5 diff
    Summary: Undo revision 7491 by (talk)
  • edit India
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • discussion page Talk:California
    new comment by Trigger Happy the Gremlin
    Comment: I've been having suicidal thoughts for longer than I can remember. I do have a good family, to be honest they are really nice, but life just doesn't...
  • discussion page Talk:Online
    new comment by Sannse
    Comment: There are lots of people who truly care.  And many of  them are on the other side of the phone waiting for you to call.  Please give them a chance...
  • discussion page Talk:Online
    edited comment by Sannse diff
  • discussion page Talk:Online
    new comment by Sannse
    Comment: There's also a page at that might help you.  Not all techniques will help everyone, and...
  • discussion page Talk:Online
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: I have been depressed for several years now, i have lost almost all my friends and suffer from depression and anxiety. i have many family problems...
  • discussion page Talk:Maryland
    edited comment by Kirkburn diff

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