Angela entered on the home page from a Twitter post:"Don't do somethink permanantly stupid for being temporarlly upset." I wrote her the following about it.

Hi Angela,

I actually decided to delete your contribution "Don't do somethink permanantly stupid for being temporarlly upset," because it is a nice sentiment, yet it is a negative statement for those thinking of suicude. People who are suicidal are not "temporarily upset." They are in a great deal of overwhelming pain. And it does not feel temporary or stupid to try be rid of the pain. Talking with someone is the best way to help someone in that amount of pain. Negative sentiments do not help. Thank you for your thoughts about ISP Wiki and look forward to your future contributions.

jcather 06:37, October 19, 2011 (UTC)jcather

Wow, that statement is a whammy when you're suicidial. That's just the guilt one doesn't need.

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